Catalyst IntelliLink

Catalyst's interoperability solution, IntelliLink is an advanced RCoIP (Radio Control over IP) solution for interconnecting incompatible and disparate land mobile radio and cellular push to talk (PTT) network resources regardless of radio technology, frequency or physical distance.

Catalyst's digital radio control allows for specific groups or even specific channels to be selected as a patch member. Ad-hoc patches can be created using easy, administrator-defined shortcuts for commonly used channels or using more advanced Expert patching between any channel or gateway. Each communication path can be specified as bi-directional or uni-directional. An unlimited number of patches can be defined. Activating or deactivating a patch can be done with the click of a mouse. IntelliLink's advanced patch display automatically creates a diagram to clearly show how the patch has been constructed. Multiple patches can even be activated simultaneously. IntelliLink's design automatically manages the radio resources as required. For example, if an EDACS radio is involved in a patch, and a SMARTNET radio resource in another area needs it to transmit on a channel that is different from the one to which it is presently tuned, IntelliLink will automatically retune the radio to the correct channel while buffering the audio.

IntelliLink provides public safety, government, and utility agencies with far more powerful and flexible interconnection capabilities than competing solutions that only provide the simple patching of audio. It is compatible with all Catalyst radio gateways including P-25, Smartnet, EDACS, LTR, conventional, and Sprint PTT cellular networks. IntelliLink may also be run in conjunction with Catalyst's primary and desktop dispatch client applications allowing agencies with disparate systems to coordinate dispatch operations during an emergency involving multiple jurisdictions.

For interagency interoperability, IntelliLink can allow for full security by routing network traffic through an Interoperability server, allowing each agency's firewalls to remain in place without disrupting transmission. IntelliLink can operate in a Uni-Cast or Multi-cast environment and the system administrator has the ability to select from a range of built in codecs for IP network load compression.