Net­work Services

Infra­struc­ture as well as ter­mi­nal prod­ucts (hand-helds –mobiles) are con­tin­u­ally in a state of tran­si­tion with soft­ware upgrades either to enhance the inher­ent capa­bil­i­ties of a prod­uct or to pro­vide new capa­bil­i­ties as tech­nol­ogy grows.

Man­u­fac­tures no longer look at today’s require­ments to project tomorrow’s needs, but rather look to the future to enable them to pro­duce prod­ucts that have the capa­bil­ity to mature as tech­nol­ogy grows and not become obso­lete next year.

Stay­ing tech­ni­cally pro­fi­cient and under­stand­ing revi­sion pro­to­cols, plug-in, patches and sequenc­ing dur­ing pro­gram­ming requires tech­ni­cians that can nav­i­gate the com­plex­ity of inte­grat­ing old with new to ensure the sta­bil­ity of net­work or sys­tem before, dur­ing and after each phase of con­fig­u­ra­tion. Con­fig­u­ra­tion Man­age­ment in con­junc­tion with Life Cycle Sup­port are both essen­tial in main­tain­ing 24, 7, 365 mis­sion assur­ance for all your infra­struc­ture and ter­mi­nal products.